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Beater shredder with a collecting container




Beater shredder with a container collecting is a machine suspension on PTO, designed to work with tractors of class 0,9 T and above. The drive is transmitted through the PTO shaft of the tractor. Mower-shredders are useful in orchards, fields or meadows. The machine grinds the grass, agricultural crop residues, straw, branches (up to Ø70mm), bushy woodlots of the land. The particulate material remains the on the substrate as an organic fertilizer. Housing machine is steel-welded frame with is made of steel sections and plates. The front corps includes a movable front cover and on the back is the collecting container. Connecting the shredder can be symmetrical along the axis of the tractor or offset to the right. Shift makes by the appropriate transfer of the hitch. In the center of corps is mounted bevel gears that transmits drive through the pulleys and belts on the cutter shaft. Cutter shaft is mounted horizontally to the ground. On the shaft are mounted beaters. Shaft rotation is counter to the front of the machine going at around 2000 rpm/min at 540 rpm/min PTO shaft tractor.


Technical data

Parameters   RB-150/K
Type of machine   trailed
Side shift cm 32
Working width cm 150
Number of beaters pcs 15
Weight (empty container) kg 660
Capacity of container m3 0,75
Power requirement kW 45
Max thickness of shredded branches cm 7
Capacity at crushing ha/h 0,3-0,6

Overall dimensions












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