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Orchard mower with agregation on the front or rear of the tractor option




Orchard  mower with sprayer agregation  option is a 3 point hitch machine (PTO), designed to work with 0.6T class tractors. Orchard mower is designed for cutting grass in orchards, meadows or lawns . Low height and  streamline design  allows to use it in modern orchards. Mower can work symetrically with tractor or be moved right (max. 35 cm). With you can agregate sprayer driven by mower's PTO  shaft. Cutting height is adjustable. Mulched weed remain on the ground as a organic fertilizer. Machine can't be used on more than 12o slope terrain. Machine case is made with steel profiles and sheets. On front and back are mounted  protective flaps form throwing out cutted material. Machine is agregated with tractor with 3 point hitch system. We can move machine right when machine is disconnected by moving regulating shaft and securing it with secure bolt. Machine is PTO driven with central transmission gearbox which transfer power on cutting shaft. Cutting height we can adjust with back roller support and adjusting washers (increasing or decreasing number of washers on regulating vertical shaft) and tractor backline linkage system.


Technical data

Parameters   KS-180/PT KS-200/PT
Type of machine   connected to tractor PTO
Side shift cm 40
Working width cm 180 200
Number of working blades pcs 4 rotating
Power transmission unit kW 45
Cutting height cm from 3 to 10
Weight kg 450 470
Power requirement kW 30 35
Efficiency when mowing ha/h 0,3-0,7 0,4-1,0

Overall dimensions
















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