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Angled scratcher




Angled scratcher is designed for pushing snow from roads, yards, parking lots and other hard surfaces of all road and pavement. Working element is hydraulically controlled plowshares (left and right), which allows for the setting of four working positions. Angled scratcher is a 3-point hitch machine, designed for agregate with 0,6 - 0,9T class tractors, PTO - driven. If tractor is not equipped in frontline system of PTO, it can be ordered separetly. Universal scratcher can be mounted on both the front and the rear of the tractor. Angled scratcher has removable flexible terminal strip scrapered, witch cardans mounting springs makes  scratcher resistant of impact on inequalities sticking snow surface.


Technical data

Parameters   ZŁ-170 ZŁ-220 ZŁ-250 ZŁ-300
Type of machine   connected to tractor PTO
Working width cm 170 220 250 300
Power requirement kW 30 35 45 60
Number of working positions   4
Adjusting the angle of work   electrohydraulic
Weight kg 190 290 350 450

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