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Hydraulic hole digger on the loader




Hydraulic hole digger is machine mounted on the front loader supplied from external hydraulics of the tractor. Working part of the drill machine is powered by a hydraulic motor shaft. Digger is used to make holes in the ground in tight spaces such as rows of trees or to set up information signs, setting up fences to crops, etc. Workspace drill is at the front for easy operation tractor seat, providing a favorable sitting working positions.


Technical data

Parameters   SH/M-12/16 SH/M-25/50
Type of machine   mounted on the front loader
Source of mover   outside the tractor hydraulics
Gear type   low-speed hydraulic motor 8kW low-speed hydraulic motor 15kW
Working width of drills cm Ø12, Ø16 or by order Ø25, Ø50 or by order
Max drilling depth cm 100

at Ø25 - 100

at Ø50 - 65 or by order

Weight kg 65 105

firma godna zaufania 2015

gazele biznesu 2013

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